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Book Reviews: Season 4

Does It Rain Food?

Book by: Jonathan Marshall

Illustrated by: Visoeale

Reviewed by: Jordan Rivers

Are you expecting a little brother or sister? If so, I'm sure that you have lots of questions. In Does It Rain Food, this soon-to-be big brother is excited to be taking on this new role but there are so many things that he needs answers to. Like when his mom told him that the baby eats all of the food that she eats, this got his imagination to racing. Does it really rain food in your mom's stomach when she's expecting a baby?

Turn the Pages Book Review series invites you to discover a world of possibilities and adventure as your host, Author Jordan Rivers, reviews Does It Rain Food by Jonathan Marshall. Join her as she gives you a brief synopsis of the story, learn a few lessons taken from the book, and download a FREE book-based project and worksheet.

Don't forget to turn the pages for yourself to see what happens next!

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Season 4

Does It Rain Food?

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