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Meet Jordan Rivers



Jordan Rivers

Hi I'm Jordan Rivers and I'm an author, screenwriter, playwright and independent creative producer for television and film.


I received my Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago, an MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting from Full Sail University and a MFA in Creative producing for TV and Film from Depaul University. My family calls me a professional student and told me not to go back to school but truth is if I had a mentor in my field open to my ideas when I was younger then who knows where I would be now. Well, I'm here and ready to do things my way and help others along the way. 


In my spare time I attend classes at Chicago Dramatists, teach creative writing and film for youth organizations. Yes, bonafide nerd in my own right. 


One day in the near future I'd love to adapt children's literature into film and television series because... why not? When I'm not teaching or in class, I'm kick'n it with my two sons and my mom because they're way cooler. Somehow I still find time to hang out with my friends, workout, read and have me time. Take that Father Time!



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