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Book Reviews: Season 4

Rakkoon Gang! Spring Cleaning

Book by: Nico S. Adams

Illustrated by: Nico S. Adams & Caiden A. Adams

Reviewed by: Jordan Rivers

Did you hear that rattle? It sounds like a garbage can just fell over.  Oh no!!! It’s the Rakkoon Gang again stirring up havoc around the neighborhood.  You know what they say, another man’s trash is a raccoons treasure, but this time Hatz and his gang have taken things too far and a young boy, named Bucky is going to see that they don’t continue messing up the neighborhood.  Do you think that Bucky will succeed?

​Turn the Pages Book Review series invites you to discover a world of possibilities and adventure as your host, Author Jordan Rivers, reviews Rakkoon Gang Spring Cleaning by Nico S. Adams.  Join her as she gives you a brief synopsis of the story, learn a few lessons taken from the book, and download a FREE book-based project and worksheet.


Don't forget to turn the pages for yourself to see what happens next!

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Season 4

Rakkoon Gang! Spring Cleaning

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