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Book Reviews: Season 2

B is for Breathe

Book by: Melissa Munro Boyd

Illustrated by: N/A
Reviewed by: Jordan Rivers

Do you ever get frustrated or angry?  How do you handle your emotions and feelings?  Some people throw things and others yell.  Neither of these are the best ways to handle your emotions.  Dr. Boyd has come up with a fun and exciting way to help children celebrate the many ways to express their feelings and develop coping skills at an early age.  Come see which behaviors and calm down strategies work best for you.

Turn the Pages Book Review series invites you to discover a world of possibilities and adventure as your host, Author Jordan Rivers, reviews B is for Breathe by Melissa Munro Boyd.  Join her as she gives you a brief synopsis of the story, learn a few lessons taken from the book, and download a FREE book-based project and worksheet.

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Turn the Pages Reviews: B is for Breathe
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Season 2

B is for Breathe - Lesson, Answer Key, and Resources

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