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Book Reviews: Season 1

A Giraffe in the Gym

Book by: Beatrice Brown

Illustrated by: Alejandro Chamberlain
Reviewed by: Jordan Rivers

Have you ever felt like your day was a bit off and you knew things weren’t going to happen as expected?  Well, this is exactly what Brandon felt as he waited for the school bus.  Once at school he found out that the internet was down and we all know it’s chaos if we can’t get online.  Well, the gym teacher had another surprise in store to keep the children occupied.  Can you guess what it was?

Turn the Pages Book Review series invites you to discover a world of possibilities and adventure as your host, Author Jordan Rivers, reviews A Giraffe in the Gym by Beatrice Brown.  Join her as she gives you a brief synopsis of the story, learn a few lessons taken from the book, and download a FREE book-based project.

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Turn the Pages Reviews: A Giraffe in the Gym
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